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Sep 5, 2012 11:30am PDT
authority and the united states navy to extend the term. number 8, resolution approving the thirsty seventh amendment to the treasure island land and have you beening khur master lease between the treasure island development authority and the structure master lease between the treasure island development authority and the united states navy to extend the term. item number 9, resolution approving the sixteenth amendment to the treasure island marina master lease between treasure island development authority and the united states navy to extend the term. number 10, resolution approving the eighth amendment to the treasure island child care master lease between the treasure island development authority and the united states navy extending 2 term, and item number 11 and 12. >> i -- >> thank you, madam chair, members of the committee. >> just one moment, supervisor kim? >> i realize that when is before us today is several master lease amendments along with the cooperative agreement modification, but i think given the media attention currently and of course the e-mails that we've been rec
Sep 5, 2012 6:30pm PDT
and conducted surveys and scans independent of the navy's investigation of the girls and boys club, the daycare center and community housing partners, facilities and one of the areas that's been identified as having potential raid yol logical contamination, all scans of these areas showed no raid yol logical contamination, wipes also showed no signs of radiological contamination, staff has asked cdph to go out and conduct additional surveys and investigations separate and apart and independent of the navy's investigations of all areas that were identified by the navy in their draft report by being potentially contaminated by radiological material. i do want to stop there and talk a little bit about terminology. the navy's draft report identifies 9 new areas on treasure island that are raid logically impacted, that is a term that's used by the regulatory act sis and the navy to mean that these areas have the potential for being contaminated by radiological materials, it does not mean that contamination has been found, it also does not mean that there is any documented release of any
Sep 1, 2012 7:00pm EDT
arrived in washington in 1913 to take up his duties in the navy department. .. but it proved to me, it might hold something more interesting. >> his identification with the navy represented not just one of his interests but was, in fact, a very basic part of this character. a very real extent of, his entire intellectual world you around his understanding of the navy. he did not see the navy is part of his world view. he understood the world based on his view of the navy. that was an interesting idea. the case, his entire political career, especially his years in the white house as a reflection of his naval center quarrelled you. the new deal, foreign policy, his fights with congress and the supreme court, world war ii, his entire political career represented him inherently naval intelligence. so i began researching franklin d. roosevelt and ernest. eventually it resulted in this book. roosevelts navy, the education of the most powerful warrior president in american history. as is always the case with research, i came upon surprises. and deadly the biggest surprise to me was the mor
Sep 9, 2012 11:30am EDT
always been complicated. it's always taken an extreme level of cooperation between the navy forces that support those operations and the landing force going ashore so we know we have to take a look at some of the new threats that are arising and we're doing that in close cooperation with the u.s. navy. we're going to look at ways to shape the situation before we land. we'll never land into the teeth of a prepared defense the way we had to do in world war ii, but we're going to rely on some of the new changes that are coming out, some of the electronic changes that we have, some of the tools that are available to us that weren't available to us ten years ago where we can deal with the threat to a certain level. we're also going to work very closely with the navy and the air force to ensure that am figuruous operations, the conditions that we would land on would be shaneed prior to -- shaped prior to us going there. thirdly, we're looking at ways in which to disperse, to land at a place where the enemy does not have a defense set up, where we can put forces ashore where the threat is
Sep 15, 2012 6:30pm PDT
agreement with united states navy to extend the agreement from october 1, 2012 to september 30, 2013. >> president chiu: i understand the director of treasure island is here to make a presentation but i'd like to acknowledge the district supervisor, supervisor kim, to make some opening comments. >> supervisor chuopening. >> supervisor kim: thank you. given the new concerns regarding tida no longer as a redevelopment agency and the city attorney's memo regarding potential increased liability on the city's general fund, we did bring this item to the board of supervisors without recommendation so that colleagues could take additional time to read through the items and to feel comfortable with supporting these items which we actually have been routinely bringing before the board over the last 15 years, i believe. we did also request hearing just because there has been new news potentially radiologically impacted sites on treasure island. of course there have been concerns amongst residents and we want the board to have opportunity to learn more about these reports and also ask any questi
Sep 11, 2012 6:30pm PDT
been working on, on the edcmoa, which is the transfer agreement between tida and the navy to confer the property and we anticipate doing that in the next couple of months. to supervisor campos' question we have a full presentation on the radiological issues so i'd like to turn it back over to amy brownel to address those. >> president chiu, supervisors, my name is amy brownel an environmental engineer with san francisco department of public health. i have 19 years of reviewing navy cleanup. as you're aware the navy has been conducting and is operating the facilities at the -- they're in charge of the facilities at treasure island, and they've been conducting cleanup at treasure island since the mid-1990's under protocols established by the comprehensive response compensation and reliability act. the oversight agency for this work monitoring what the navy is doing is the california department of toxic substances control. and with respect to radiological protection, the california department of public health oversees that aspect. there are two other regulatory agencies also involved in ov
Sep 10, 2012 10:30pm PDT
the navy and the regulatory agencies overseeing their cleanup to question all their reports testing an analysis to make sure that the navy fulfills their obligation to clean up treasure island, it is committed to upholding the highest standards to make sure health and safety is protected both today and in the future, we are committed to holding a meeting with the navy and the regulatory agencies down on treasure island and are working with them to schedule that, we'll continue to work with your office and we are committed to answering any and all questions that have been raised. >> and michael, i appreciate that, i know we're working to organize this meeting, i think the biggest question that comes to my mind is how we're going to keep the navy accountable because certainly the navy's liable for the cleanup, i think we're all aware of that and i'm appreciative that the california department of health has been doing the additional work to survey that area to ensure the navy is doing the cleanup that they are liable to do but that doesn't take away the concerns from the residents, i t
Sep 10, 2012 9:30am PDT
department of health has been doing the additional work to survey that area to ensure the navy is doing the cleanup that they are liable to do but that doesn't take away the concerns from the residents, i think they know we've been responsive in trying to answer the questions as best we can, we haven't seen the evidence yet but there's not evidence to the contrary, there's no evidence supporting it and there's not evidence that has confirmed that the area is safe, so i think residents want to see how the city is going to work to protect and keep the navy accountable if -- through the work they are required to do on the island. >> so, when we became aware of this information, we engaged the san francisco department of public health to work with our own independent environmental engineering consultants who we've had on board for ten years to again give us guidance for the regulatory framework and the process between the california department of toxic substance control and california department of public health and making sure that these issues were addressed, both today during their
Sep 16, 2012 3:30am PDT
the base closure the city and county entered into a co-op agreement with the navy for services including operation of maintenance and utilities, police and fire, grounds and street maintenance, property management, and care take services. then tida entered into master leases with the navy to sublease properties and buildings for commercial use, maritime use and special event use, specifically those are the master leases before you today, the southern waterfront master lease, the childcare development center, events venue, land and structures, and maritime leases. tida, in turn, subleases these properties and -- to generate revenue to offset costs associated with the property management and municipal service obligations of the co-op agreement including leases for housing, commercial, and special event. some subleases are for public service and do not generate income like to our nonprofits, little league, boys and girls club, were to open spaces. housing and commercial leases generate millions of dollars each year for tida's operations to pay for the day-to-day spending. both the
Sep 5, 2012 11:30pm PDT
, so i think residents want to see how the city is going to work to protect and keep the navy accountable if -- through the work they are required to do on the island. >> so, when we became aware of this information, we engaged the san francisco department of public health to work with our own independent environmental engineering consultants who we've had on board for ten years to again give us guidance for the regulatory framework and the process between the california department of toxic substance control and california department of public health and making sure that these issues were addressed, both today during their cleanup and going forward through the transfer process and the city has negotiated with the navy assurances that prior to transfer of any property we will have rin assurance or concurrence from the regulatory agencies that the navy that completed all of the remediation responsibilities to the satisfaction of those agencies. >> thank you, and i think there probably will be some follow up questions on to that, i do want to allow the presentations of the amendm
Sep 3, 2012 4:30pm EDT
company with with the navy called white hats, the steelers between them and the commission officers and the sheep petty officers who need the ship work and consequently, i wanted to devote a good portion of my book to the enlisted and the noncommissioned people and the success. the other aspect is advancing scholarship apart from the fact that my book includes the design and construction enterprise we are also in a saturation where in 1962 we had little information the was available from the japanese side and that certainly changed. we are going - 1520 years published a massive for the wartime reports for the army navy and air force. in some of the information has come about. for instance in ed stafford's book in one of the lost chapter is it's called tomizni to read the was thought to be the name of the kamikaze pilot. it was in the ship of the combat for the rest of the war. we now know based on the research here and in japan his name was shinseki, and one of the things that most intrigues me about writing the history is that you never know what is coming at you from around the corner
Sep 16, 2012 4:00am PDT
-- 16r78g9s but you do oversight. >> i review what the navy contractors are doing, what cdph is doing. i have not performed any independent assessment. >> supervisor avalos: who could talk about that? >> either -- well, cdph would have to talk about their work, and... >> supervisor avalos: so last weekend, the east bay express, they talked about radium wells, talked about disks that were found in different places, in some of the areas that have had -- where there's radiation that's been potential contamination of radiation. can you talk about those -- that were found. >> the foils and disc are commodities as they're called out there. they're deck markers, they're radio loom nes sent devices used back in the day like i said for marking decks on the ships. they're used for marking gauges, marking ditches. they're used today they're just not radium. where those commodities have been identified are these solid waste disposal areas. >> supervisor avalos: where there have been known -- you talk about it as known areas of radiological contamination, in those areas they were found? >> correct. 1
Sep 11, 2012 2:30pm PDT
negotiations both with the navy and our developer, seeing if we can share some of the cost repairing this infrastructure because we all depend on it, his whether it's the residents, the coast gard, or a future developer. i think this is something that is a shared issue to all of us and i'm hoping that we'll all pitch in to figure out a way to strengthen some of that infrastructure in place today. i wanted to point out in we do need to terminate the cooperative agreement we can do that with 30 days notice to the navy. is that correct? >> that's correct. >> supervisor kim: thank you. >> thank you very much, president chiu. >> president chiu: supervisor avalos. >> supervisor avalos: just to be clear on questions about liability, we have infrastructure that is not in the best shape on treasure island, and we need to make significant investments in order to keep that infrastructure most of all utilities, working and functional. and what do we expect that's going to cost in the next few years? and who's going to be responsible for covering those costs? >> that's a very good question. >> supervi
Sep 11, 2012 3:00pm PDT
these areas that were identified in that supplemental technical memorandum are navy areas that navy is going to investigate. they are doing their work, and investigating them. there is not going to be any development until the navy has finished all their investigation, and then all of the regulatory agencies have signed off that everything has been done correctly. during the investigation phase, the navy will control the area, have fences, do air monitoring. the cdph and the other regulatory agencies will verify that they're doing that. there is no chance of contamination going outside of the area, that the navy will control during their work. and then when it is all done, and signed off, and cdph will give a free release letter that says all the work is done, there is no contamination left, everything is same as background, basically. that's called a free release. only at that point would the property then transfer, and be used by tida and developed. there will be no development until the navy has signed off on all the radiological issues. >> supervisor campos: well i appreciate al
Sep 3, 2012 8:45am EDT
ship's company, what the navy calls white hats, the sailors and between them and the commissioned officers, the chief petty officers who really made the ship work. and consequently, i wanted to devote a good portion of my book to the enlisted and noncommissioned people who were so instrumental in enterprise's success. the other aspect is advancing scholarship. apart from the fact that my book includes the design and construction of enterprise, we also are in a situation where in 1962 relatively little information was available from the japanese side. and that's certainly changed. i'm going to say going back a good 15 to 20 years the japanese defense ministry has published a massive compilation of wartime reports from their army, navy and air force not all of whom, in fact, only a small part of which have been translated yet. but over those recent decades, so much more information has come about. for instance, in ed stafford's book you'll read in one of the last chapters it's called tomizai. that was thought to be the name of the kamikaze pilot who dived into the enterprise's forwa
FOX Business
Sep 15, 2012 12:00am EDT
look how the u.s. navy protects this important passageway for 20% of the world's oil. tonight my exclusive sit down with sheikh mubarak. bahrain is the regional home for the u.s. navy's fifth fleet. the small gulf country is grappling with its own citizens arab spring aspirations and there has been violence. the sheikh defends the family's crackdown on protesters. my rear interview with ted, slap shot carter. commander of the strike group twelt. he is on the uss enterprise and is in charge of making sure millions of barrels of oil get you there the straight every day despite threats from iran to close it down. we talk about what is takes to keep the commercial waterway flowing. and how cuts in washington could affect the navy's mission in the entire persian gulf region. my interview with an outspoken critic of opec and a billionaire who made billions betting across the energy sector from natural gas to oil. pickens thinks the u.s. should spend less time patrolling the strait of hormuz and back more efforts to become energy self-reliant. his plan? invest in the development of nort
Sep 2, 2012 7:07pm PDT
not to exceed $5 million to provide services related to monitoring the navies of environmental remediation activities at treasure island. the contract has been amended nine times and currently has a budget of $1,799,000. the contract consists of both oversight of the navy's remediation program as well as the -- as well as assisting the authority and property negotiations with the navy. this is an increase of $238,400 from the previously authorized amount. amec geomatrix is expected to work on items related to oversight of the navy's remediation program at a cost of approximately $20,000 per month. the contract will continue to be paid on time and materials basis and turmoil be extended through june 30, 2013. the budget analysts has recommended approval and pointed out in the report that the contract was previously governed by titlist purchasing. in january 2012, the board of supervisors rescinded titus as a development agency and they're bringing it back into compliance with the city purchasing policy. we're asking this committee to approve this amendment now as it's critical f
Sep 1, 2012 7:00am EDT
point. >> up next, james hornfischer discusses his work "neptune's inferno: the u.s. navy at guadalcanal." he spoke as part of the toronto called the symposium hold in norwich in northfield vermont. this is about 55 minutes. >> good afternoon. it is my distinct pleasure to present to you at our colby symposium, writer and speaker, james hornfischer. hornfischer is quickly establishing himself as doing for the navy of popular historian stephen ambrose said for the army. this quote is from the rocky mountain news and they feel mr. hornfischer are aptly describes in very well. mr. hornfischer is the author of three, one samuel eliot wars and the word for naval literature and was recently named a naval history magazine as one of a dozen all-time naval classes. his second book, ship of ghosts about the cruiser uss houston is a selection of the history books and the military book club and the winner and 2007 at the night to maritime literature award. his most recent book, "neptune's inferno" published by bantam in 2011 is a major new talent of the auto canal naval campaign. now pre
Sep 30, 2012 8:00am EDT
defense news. muradian. the navy just commissioned its third littoral combat ship. we'll get an update on the controversial 55-ship program. >> plus, helping veterans get better jobs. a new plan from the u.s. chamber of commerce. but first, an exclusive interview with the chief of u.s. air force. space command general william shelton. few commanders are more operationally integral to all arms of u.s. warfighting than the air force space command that develops, launches, and operates the constellations of satellites and ground systems that make possible critical global services from gps, reconnaissance, missile warning, weather communications, or tracking orbiting spacecraft and debris. but developing satellites, launching them, and operating them for long periods of time is expensive business at a time when demand for space-based assets for everything from reconnaissance, surveillance communications, and moving massive amounts of data is soaring. so shelton is leading efforts to cut costs by increasingly leaning on commercial space suppliers. we caught up with general shelton at the air
Sep 11, 2012 7:00pm PDT
with tida and the navy next tuesday, september 18 at 7 pm on treasure island. and i'm not sure if we will be able to address all the concerns residents have but we will be there to answer questions and get feedback on where we would like to see the efforts the city makes to advocate on behalf of our residents at that meeting. i don't know if ms. brown if you have anything to add to that. >> thank you, supervisor kim. yes. the meeting will be held next tuesday. representatives from the navy will be conducting the meeting and representatives will be there from cdph and dtfc. i will be there. in addition there was a letter sent to all the residents with this information, and maps, and information about what's going on. so tida has been keeping the residents up to date and this additional meeting will be another venue for them to hear the information. >> supervisor olague: transparency is important, obviously. thank you. >> president chiu: colleagues, any additional questions to city staff? supervisor kim. >> supervisor kim: no additional questions. i do want to speak a little bit to the
Sep 28, 2012 5:00am EDT
somali pprates. film makerr used us navy ships off the east coast. navy seals are working as technical advisors. next up the marcus luttrell story. luttrell a navy seal,,was the only survivor of a 2000 afghanistan mission in which 199navy and army commandos died. a movie based on his book lone survivor is also likely to get military help. but is aal now too much hollywood? former navy seallharry huuphries was a consultant on black hawk down and mmny other &pproductions. he says some projects are telling too many too much that is being gotten - discussed about a community phat lives on the fact that its' a group offfolks that thrive on the concept of silent pride. the deeate &perupted after publication of no easy day. seen here in a 60 pinutes interviiw is author matt bissonnete a seal who was on thh bin laden raid. admiral william mcraven, who heads speccal operations coommnd has i mean, arr people affecced . - out? you bet they are. are ms - lives t risk? absolutelyy ironically mcrrven's interest in joining the military came after seeing hii movie (nats) john wayne's 1998 film green (
Sep 16, 2012 8:00am EDT
here's in the military, so i can join navy federal too. he's getting a great rate - so now he can drive himself to laser tag. it's a real sport. no, its not. 4 million members. 4 million stories. navy federal credit union. >>> general mark welsh became the 20th chief of staff on august 10 starting the tenure with major challenges. for starters, congress rejected 9 billion dollars in cuts mandated by the obama administration under the terms of the budget control act to protest the air force desense to cut guards and units and leadership and pen knell issues as well as risk of billions in automatic defense cuts that could hit the services key acquisition programs. here to talk to us about welsh's challenges and priorities is chuck wald retired four star general the director of the defense practice at the federal government services. welcome back i should say. >> thanks good to see you. >> what are the cheal exthe new chief face -- challenges the new chief faces. >> you mentioned a couple. it's budgetary issues and recap tallation of the fleet after many, many years of hard flying an
Sep 2, 2012 6:30pm EDT
anything else, let me know. wells fargo. together we'll go far. >> a navy seal from maryland his life for his country now it is his community's turn to honor his service. we have this story from the newsroom. family and friends say he was profession,bout his his country, and those he loved. killed on august 16. now this fallen warrior is home and they plan to his return. you can't help but think of lost. y lives are >> its a world away from the afghanistan. >> it is sad. he gave his life for the country. day, this town will honor one of the town -- navy seal patrick peaks. you are fighting for a common cause. it takes an incredible amount of bravery. decorated and highly skilled, killed on august 16 when helicopter he was in crashed firefight with insurgents in afghanistan. he absolutely loved being a seal. his family spoke with us dedication, and love of country. he felt what he was doing in afghanistan with his platoon been trained to do. he was doing good work. he was just proud and a very happy. been a navy seal since 2008. two tours of duty in iraq, in n since last september. we
Sep 9, 2012 6:30pm PDT
about the mission, in an interview with 60 men is the former navy seal describes how he took the pictures to prove osama bin laden's dead. >>> i fear these of the most important photos i would ever take cell wanted to make sure i did it right with ankles and clean off the face to make it as identifiable as possible. wipe the blood off and took photos >>> what in the blood of osama bin laden's face a new shut pages of his face in profile can you describe what they look like >>> pretty gruesome. >>> the former navy seal has written a book that goes on sale this week under the pen name mark owen you can see the in it interview on 60 minutes on cbs 5. how a san bruno offered honors the memory of those killed in the pipeline explosion. a backup,,,, a lot of people name their cars. mine should be sporty. maybe i'll give mine a name. something hot. ya know, i could name it the dragon, or the green machine. oh! i'm british racing green, actually. just to show i appreciate all...uh, turtle does. turtle? turtle gets me to work, to school... no, no, i'm a cool car. so i always fill up with
Sep 10, 2012 5:30pm EDT
right and deserves to go in a book and stand for itself" itsell" but next... the former navy seal... wwo wrote a book... about the raid... that... took down osama bin laden.../ is... speakkng out... forrthe first time...//.what... he wants ...the public tt know. pole dancing... for children?? the argument for it.. coming up. 3 --adblib weather tz-- the... who... wrote a book... about the top secret raid.../ in... which, ... osama bin laden... was killed..// . is... speaking out... for he first time...//. as... marianne rafferty ...explains.../ he... says... it's something... americans know. he goes by the nnme mark owen... he's the former navy seal turned author who penned the book, "no easy day." it tells the firsthand account of the u-s military raad that killed usama bin laden.dach says: "there's been lots of buildup // its something we've never seennbefore where a navy seal speaks out about an operation" owen has come under heavy scrutiny and his life has been threatened. now he's speaking out for the first time... owen sat down with 60 minutes, but for security reasons, both his app
Sep 10, 2012 1:15am EDT
was drafted as a way joined the naval rotc and then i was a navy attorney for four years. estimate was that during vietnam? >> it was. that's why i was drafted. within a week of getting back in the peace corps i received my classification for the physical so guess what my future had in-store. after a got out of the navy i was a prosecutor in los angeles, standard cases, drug cases, didn't think about it much, ended up having the unit fraud against the government fha and va that sort of thing. after that in the private practice of law and then appointed to the bench so i was on the bench for 25 years as a judge and now i am retired and running as you say for office. >> what cord were you a judge? >> a court in orange county california over 25 years pretty much did everything. as a part of that, you know, low level drug offenders in the system for no good purpose eventually it didn't take long i saw what we're doing isn't working. the tougher we are on the drug crime the softer br with prosecution of everything else so the robbers, rapists, murderers would be able to stay and get a lot l
Sep 9, 2012 5:00pm PDT
, the navy seal who has a new book out called "no easy day." owen is a fictitious name. he's trying to protect his identity as he reveals that he's one of the seals who shot bin laden. tonight we're going to learn one of the most important people also involved in the raid was a woman, a cia analyst named jen, who briefed the navy seals about the raid. here's more from tonight's interview. >> i can't give her enough credit. i mean, she, in my opinion, she kind of ted teeeds this this whe thing, wicked smart, kind of feisty. and we'd always talk back and forth-- "what do you think the odds of this are? what do you think the odds of that are? what do you think? 100%?" >> pelley: and you thought what? >> we'll see. >> scott pel seback with us to talk about the other big interview he's been working on, this one for tonight's smipt. and, scott, what a fascinating detail about all the people involved in this raid. i did not know about this cia analyst, a woman who briefed these navy seals on just about every detail. >> pelley: well, that's exactly right, norah. she had worked on osama bin
Sep 11, 2012 7:00am EDT
>>> good morning. welce to "cbs this morning." defense secretary leon panetta blasts the navy seal who wrote a book about osama bin laden's raid. >>> new accusations about what the bush administration knew about al qaeda months before the 9/11 attack. >>> a mystery in china where the country's future leader has disappeared. and andy murray will be here in studio 57 today. >>> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >>> how can we run sensitive operations here if people are allowed to do that? >> defense secretary leon panetta tells cbs news a book about the bin laden raid crosses the line. >> you want this navy seal prosecuted? >> i think we have to take steps to make clear that we're not going to accept this kind of behavior. >>> it was 11 years ago today a terrorist group hijacked airliners into the world trade center, the pentagon, and in pennsylvania. >> the agreement to complete the museum at the site. >>> for a second day, thousands of chicago teachers are heading back to the picket line this morning as negotiations remain gridlocked
Sep 7, 2012 7:00pm EDT
and this technology is still with us. the navy uses it, as far as, the navy went on to use it for clandestine deep diving operations. the offshore oil industry picked up on it right away because it was moving into deeper water just at the time sealab is coming of age. and it needed underwater workforce. it needed construction workers who could work for long hours at deeper depths than ever before. this is how you do it. those guys are out there today doing work that we don't see, worked we don't know in crazy places like the bottom of the north sea and rather insane conditions. and they are there as this program, and there is only one remaining u.s. sponsored sea-based in existence, which probably most people don't know or can't name. it's the underwater version of the international space station essentially. it's owned by the national oceanic and atmospheric administration, noaa, and managed by university of north carolina, it's called aquarius and it's been in operation for about 20 years there for scientific purposes largely, and it's a descendent of sealab. and a significant o
Sep 18, 2012 10:00pm PDT
still need to be tested. health officials and the navy said tonight that any radiation and on the island are not harmful at this point but some residents told me the navy has a history of hiding contamination and they do not know what to believe the signs are all here treasure island's toxic past still haunts residents like family rapports they're discouraged of even taking on the islands. >>> most of us who gardens have above ground containers and we do that. so we know that we don't take care. radiological contamination is are rampant lot different from the islands days as a naval base at the site where ships exposed to atomic blasts were repaired rappaport and other residents thought the navy took care of contamination and untested and cleaned up at in 2006 but new information that is unearthed reveals a host of new potentially contaminated sites and some years in a cover- up. the navy has not been forthcoming which is why dozens of residents packed and informational sessions nice looking for answers. >>> we believe it is safe to live here doing the things that they're doing. >
Sep 4, 2012 4:25am EDT
performance. he was 54 years old. >>> a former navy seal turned author is now in fear for his life. we'll have that story ahead. >>> we have talked about it being the first day of school. today, kids in all of northern virginia's public schools are going to head back to school. take a look at these two. frankie and alexis have already been back to school. time now is 4:41. we'll be right back. [ woman ] ring. ring.k. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! we got a lotta empty cans. tomato basil, potato with bacon, 80 different kinds... no wonder we're going through this stuff! hey, hon, want some soup? you bet! [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >>> good morning. time now is coming up on 4:45. taking a live laugh look at washington, d.c. before you hop in your car, we want to take a look at a kitten who hitched a ride from connecticut to western new york. the kitten curled up into a tiny area above the gas tank and rode there for about six hours. works discovered the kitten
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